Orders over $160 that can be shipped within USPS priority mail shipping boxes will be shipped free.
  • Diamond Roller Chain Connecting Link


    Connecting links availble for chain sizes:

    35, 40, 41, 50, 60, 60H, 80, 80H, 80 Cottered, 100, 100H, 100 Cottered, 120, 120H, 120 Cottered,140, 140H, 140 Cottered, 160 Cottered, 180 Cottered, 200 Cottered, 240 Cottered.

    Connecting links avaible for double chains:

    40-2, 50-2, 60-2, 80-2 Cottered.

    Connecting links available for extended pitch chains:

    A-2040, A-2050, A-2060.

    Please select your chain number from the drop down menu and the corresponding price will appear.  Offset links and chains are also avaialbe on the website. 

    Free shipping on connecting links with the purchase of a 10' chain or with other qualifying items.($160+ order that will fit in a flat rate box.)