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  • 6" Double Wing Pipe Reel Tine to fit JD / 10 Pack


    Plastic reel tine with 6" wing. Fits OEM AH166489.


    John Deere 600F,600R, 615F, 615R, 618F, 618R, 620F, 620R, 622F, 622R, 625D, 625F, 625R, 630D, 630F, 630R, 635D, 635F, 635R, 900F, 900R, 913, 914, 915, 915F, 918F, 918R, 920F, 920R, 922F, 922R, 924F, 924R, 925D, 925F, 925R, 930D, 930F, 930R, 936D.