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  • SHW Heavy Duty Conus 3 Threaded Bale Spear


    This is our HEAVIEST DUTY SPEAR EVER with a load rating of 4,469 lb.  For the best results, this spear should be used with a Conus 3 sleeve, sold separately.   Made in Germany with German quality.  

    The 48" Conus 3 (C3) is the grand daddy of all SHW spears. This spear is 2 inches in diameter at the biggest part before the taper.  As tractors get bigger and horsepower is improved, bale spears need to work under the stress of all this power. Looking for an upgrade to your equipment, SHW’s C3 turns your tractor into a piece of heavy machinery.  The C3 spear is stronger than the C2 and can handle all the same jobs.  As all SHW spears it is stamped with the company crest, the letters SHW and the words made in Germany.  On the back side is the date of manufacture.  

    There is a shipping charge on these spears of $25 each. We only ship within the 48 continental United States.